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Why choose us - Case study
Print business supply base down 93%

Client Background

  • 500 Million independently held European group

  • Printing industry magazines, catalogues and supplements

  • 37 sites in UK and continental Europe


  • Purchase of outwork print finishing services decentralized to local level

  • Lack of cross client analysis and negotiation of group pricing

  • Lack of consistency between suppliers and across the group in terms
    of quality and service levels


  • Analysed spend data and historical purchasing patterns

  • Created cross-functional commodity teams

  • Conducted intensive hand-on, formal, and role based training
    to educate client

  • Conducted thorough purchasing methodology including detailed supplier
    qualification and contract negotiations

  • Effectively negotiated agreements with suppliers that satisfied regional
    and divisional requirements while benefiting the whole organization

  • Signed suppliers to 3-5 year contracts using lowest total cost as
    decision driver


  • Achieved purchasing savings of 3 Million

  • Cross group preferred supplier agreements

  • Supply base reduction from over 200 to 15 alliance partners

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